This site has moved

In a move to avoid unnecessary costs, I have scraped the hosting account I was using for this site, and instead moved to a free wordpress site. My existing domain will still be valid, although it simply redirects to this wordpress site.

Power Automate : Fix your connections after import

One of the biggest issues I have faced with Flows, is when it comes to moving them between environments, and having to re-connect all of the connections, every time. This is a huge chunk of time, especially if you have a lot of actions that use connections in your flows.

This Bookmark-let will allow you to Fix your connections with a click of a button.

Some things to be aware of :

  • Your actions need to be expanded first, so its a good idea to use this alongside my other Bookmark-let for expanding all the actions. I did think about combining the two, but for the moment, I have kept them separate.
  • This will pick the first connection in the list. If you multiple connections setup for each type of Action, it will always pick the first one.

Simply drag the below button onto your Bookmarks Bar within Chrome or Firefox, and then when your viewing a Flow, click it to re-connect all of the connections in one go (after you have expanded them)..

Reconnect Flow

This will not work with the old version of Edge.

Power Automate : Expand all actions

One big issue when editing a large and complex Flow is not having an expand all button to save you having to click on each of your actions, one by one.

This Bookmark-let will allow you to expand all the Actions of a Flow with the click of a button.

Simply drag the below button onto your Bookmarks Bar within Chrome or Firefox, and then when your viewing a Flow, click it to Expand all the Actions in one go.

Expand Flow

And while we are on, how about we have a collapse all button as well.

Collapse Flow

Does not work with the old version of Edge

Power Automate : Cancel All Running Flows

We have all been there. Something has gone wrong, and you find that you now have a backlog of running Flows, that have all stalled, or waiting for resources, and it seems like its the end of the world.

You think to yourself, well, that’s okay, I’ll just Turn Off the Flow, and all will sort itself out. If only turning it off would help. It turns out, simply turning off the Flow does nothing to all of the current running Flows that are sat in the queue.

Okay then, well, how about I just bulk cancel all of the Flows. Oh, wait a minute. Microsoft only lets you cancel them one at a time. Okay, well, I’ll just go through them one at a time, and cancel them. Oh, wait, there’s pages and pages and pages of Flows sat there. Hundreds maybe, but I haven’t got time to keep clicking the “See More” button to find out how many there are.

I had this issue recently, and it seems, other than deleting the Flow, and re-importing it, there is not a lot you can do about it. Well, I would like to introduce a nice little Bookmark-let that you can drag into your Google Chrome’s (or Firefox and the new Edge) Bookmarks Bar, and use it on the appropriate screen, and it will automate the job for you. Be warned, it will still take its time to run, as all it does is simulate a user clicking on the Flow, choosing Cancel etc. etc.

Simply drag the bookmark button below up to your Bookmarks Bar. This will create a nice little button for you to click on. If you navigate to your offending Flow, and click the All Runs option, and then filter it to show currently Running Flows, and click the button, it will one by one, cancel all of the Flows for you.

Drag the below button up to your bookmarks bar now.

Cancel All Running Flows

This will not work in the old version of Edge or Internet Explorer however.

Testing Data Migration with Dynamics 365 On-Premise

I recently had a requirement to perform some Data Migration, but I needed a test system while I built up my SSIS process as I didn’t want to use the real online environments. Luckily, I have my own on-premise Dynamics 365 Version 9 Server which I have always used for testing and messing around with solutions and compatibility.

The main issue I have always had with using on-premise servers however is that these days, we are all developing with online environments, and solutions and what not from online cannot be imported into an on-premise environment. In the past, I have often just resorted to hand modifying solutions to get them in to the system. This would often involve editing the solution.xml file within the solution zip file, to alter the version tags at the top, and to remove the crmonline tag. Quite often, this would also require a few modifications to the customizations.xml file to remove any tags that do not exist in version 9 of Dynamics.

Its a hack, but for testing purposes, this was always something that worked.

These days though, you more often than not will face all manor of other issues, such as dependencies on other solutions, and its become a lot harder to achieve this.

I needed a new plan.

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Don’t name your On-Premise organisation “Portal”

Had a curious issue recently where I had set up a new Dynamics 365 Version 9 on premise server for testing. Everything was working as expected until I upgraded to the latest September 2019 release of CRM (update 0.8).

Upon further examination though, it had nothing to do with the update, it was the new Organisation I had created called “Portal”. For some reason, this organisation simply would not work, giving an error when trying to access it. I could see some nasty error messages in the Event Log which made me think it was something to do with the Upgrade (Assembly DLL load issues).

However, I created a new Organisation which actually worked fine.

I think I have come to the conclusion that the name of the org, Portal was producing some internal error with CRM and preventing it from loading. Maybe /Portal in the URL is reserved for something else, who knows.

Its not something that would probably affect many people, but I felt compelled to write a post about it in case anyone else was stuck with this.