Migrating an Organisation to a new server

Sometimes, you need to be able to move or duplicate an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 organisation database to a new or different server, perhaps for testing purposes, or just simply for a backup.  This is relatively straight forward as the entire organisation is kept in the one database.

To do this, from within SQL Server Management Studio, you first need to backup the database by right clicking the database name, and selecting Backup from the Tasks menu.


Once you have created a backup of your organisation database, on the new sql server that will be hosting the new environment, you need to restore the database so that it is available dor CRM to use.  You do this from the Tasks menu as well.


Once the SQL Database is in place, on the Dynamics Application Server you need to use the Import function within the Deployment Manager tool to import the database into an organisation.


Select the SQL Server and the name of the database.


This will then attempt to map the users within the source database into the current domain and start the import process.  When this is complete, you will have a fully functioning copy of the organisation.

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