Chat Bots – Part Two

Part two of my Chat Bot series expands a little on the original blog post.  Again, this post is more of a demonstration than a how-to as there are plenty of articles on the Web on how to develop Chat Bots using the Microsoft Framework.

To see it in action, click on the chat area at the bottom of the screen and start typing.  If you need help, just type help to see a couple of sample commands.  The new feature in the Bot is that you can now report an abandoned vehicle.  Why, I hear you ask.  Well, in my line of work, reporting a dead animal, reporting dog poo, and reporting an abandoned vehicle is the very key to my day-to-day work (and other things)!  I kid you not 🙂

For example,

show me all blog posts

show latest posts

show posts containing linqpad

report an abandoned vehicle

See Part One for info on how the Bot was created.  To add the reporting feature, I have created an additional dialog which uses a number of prompts to capture the appropriate information.  As part of the process, it also asks the user for their contact details.  These are then retained throughout the chat session.  In theory this allows the user to report a number of different things in the same session, but without the need of having to enter the same details more than once.

Once reported, the information is then saved into CRM.  At the moment I am just creating a CRM annotation with the details, but there is no reason why this couldn’t be a custom entity.  It could also be tied in to some sort of portal authentication, or it could try to match it with a customers email address to attach the report to a contact record.

In the next part, I intend to do some natural language processing, coming soon.

Please be aware that any Vehicle Reports and contact details you enter may be recorded for testing purposes and will be deleted periodically.  Also, don’t expect me to come round and remove the reported vehicles.

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