Power Automate : Cancel All Running Flows

We have all been there. Something has gone wrong, and you find that you now have a backlog of running Flows, that have all stalled, or waiting for resources, and it seems like its the end of the world.

You think to yourself, well, that’s okay, I’ll just Turn Off the Flow, and all will sort itself out. If only turning it off would help. It turns out, simply turning off the Flow does nothing to all of the current running Flows that are sat in the queue.

Okay then, well, how about I just bulk cancel all of the Flows. Oh, wait a minute. Microsoft only lets you cancel them one at a time. Okay, well, I’ll just go through them one at a time, and cancel them. Oh, wait, there’s pages and pages and pages of Flows sat there. Hundreds maybe, but I haven’t got time to keep clicking the “See More” button to find out how many there are.

I had this issue recently, and it seems, other than deleting the Flow, and re-importing it, there is not a lot you can do about it. Well, I would like to introduce a nice little Bookmark-let that you can drag into your Google Chrome’s (or Firefox and the new Edge) Bookmarks Bar, and use it on the appropriate screen, and it will automate the job for you. Be warned, it will still take its time to run, as all it does is simulate a user clicking on the Flow, choosing Cancel etc. etc.

Simply drag the bookmark button below up to your Bookmarks Bar. This will create a nice little button for you to click on. If you navigate to your offending Flow, and click the All Runs option, and then filter it to show currently Running Flows, and click the button, it will one by one, cancel all of the Flows for you.

Drag the below button up to your bookmarks bar now.

Cancel All Running Flows

This will not work in the old version of Edge or Internet Explorer however.

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