Power Automate : Fix your connections after import

One of the biggest issues I have faced with Flows, is when it comes to moving them between environments, and having to re-connect all of the connections, every time. This is a huge chunk of time, especially if you have a lot of actions that use connections in your flows.

This Bookmark-let will allow you to Fix your connections with a click of a button.

Some things to be aware of :

  • Your actions need to be expanded first, so its a good idea to use this alongside my other Bookmark-let for expanding all the actions. I did think about combining the two, but for the moment, I have kept them separate.
  • This will pick the first connection in the list. If you multiple connections setup for each type of Action, it will always pick the first one.

Simply drag the below button onto your Bookmarks Bar within Chrome or Firefox, and then when your viewing a Flow, click it to re-connect all of the connections in one go (after you have expanded them)..

Reconnect Flow

This will not work with the old version of Edge.

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